Is Acnezine the Solution you are Looking for?

acnezine solution kit


There are a lot of products, prescribed or over-the-counter, in the internet that seeks to help people alleviate or deal with acne.  Acnezine solution kit is one of the popular brands.  Here I will provide you with all relevant facts about Acnezine in order that you can make an informed decision whether this product is for you or not.

The Company

Acnezine is produced by Revitol, who is a proud member of Natural Products Association (NPA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to represent interests of companies involved in natural products.  Products certified by this company requires that it contains at least 95% of natural ingredients.

What is Acne?

Another less popular name of acne is acne vulgaris, which refers to blackhead and whiteheads (comodones), pimples (pustules), blemishes, redness, and possibly scarring.  It happens due to the over production of the fatty (sebaceous) glands on the face, upper chest and back area, which gets clogged and inflammation sets in.  It commonly happens during menstrual cycles and puberty wherein there is more hormonal activity and may extend to adulthood.

The Ingredients

The Acnezine solution kit consist of two products: a topical Acne Moisturizing Crème and Acnezine Skin Antioxidant Supplement.  It applies to mild and moderate cases of acne.  In cases of serious acne, medical attention or consultation may be necessary.

The main active ingredient of the Acne Moisturizing Crème is 5% benzoyl peroxide.  Benozyl peroxide is one of the popular treatments for acne.  One of the side effects is increased dryness of the skin, so one has to apply it gradually, like once in a day initially, or every other day, then increase it to two to three times daily.  It is also more sensitive to the sun, so be sure to apply sunscreen when one spends a lot of time outdoors.  This crème is more for alleviating or treating the current condition of the acne problem.

The Acnezine Skin Antioxidant Supplement acts as a nutritional supplement to nourish the skin and prevent it from more future acne outbreaks.  It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for one to see the effects of this supplement.  As the name implies, it prevents the oxidative damage to the cells and keeps it working at optimum levels.  The ingredients of the supplement includes Vitamin C, B, E, and aloe vera among others.  These provide the needed elements to stabilize, repair, and heal the skin.


Over the internet, one can gather different testimonials by people who have tried the product.  I have summarized their statements overall as follows:


  •      Cleared their face, back and chest in as little as two weeks
  •      Increased or boost their self-confidence
  •      Both teen-agers and adults used it and experience results
  •      Used continually for at least 3 months and maintained results
  •      Prevents acne from forming or future breakouts
  •      No prescription drugs
  •      It has worked with no side effects


  •     Some did not meet their expectations
  •     Complaint of dryness of face, skin became flaky
  •     Noticed more breakouts than before
  •     Did not see any visible results
  •     Needs prior medical advice during pregnancy, nursing or when under medication
  •     May be sensitive to benzoyl peroxide

Bottom Line, Acnezine solution kit is not a panacea for all acne problems.  Different types of skin may react diversely.   My suggestion, though, is to try the product.  This product comes from a reputable company and the ingredients are reliable.  In order to avoid getting imitations, click here to go to the official website to order Acnezine.

The Offer

The Acnezine website order button offers three options: one month, 3-months, and 6-months supply.  One month supply cost $39.95.  The prices for 3-months and 6-months are discounted due to the fact that you get free bottles.  Pay the cost for 2-months supply and you get one free month supply.  Pay cost for 3-months supply and you get another free 3-months supply.

Acnezine also offers a 90 days return policy for products ordered more than one month supply.  They are for unused and unopened products only.  Please read carefully under Terms and Conditions in their order page.  You would need to file an online return authorization request.  So order attentively.  If you are worried about your sensitivity to the product, I would recommend buying one solution kit first and then place re-orders.  If you want to save more, utilize their bundle packages.

Click here to go to the official website and order Acnezine now.


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